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K2 Energy Ion Battery K2B12V10EB
K2 Energy Ion Battery K2B12V10EB K2 Energy Ion Battery K2B12V10EB K2 Energy Ion Battery K2B12V10EB K2 Energy Ion Battery K2B12V10EB

K2 Energy® Lithium Ion Battery

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Detailed Description

K2 Energy® Lithium Ion Battery

K2 Energy Lithium Ion Battery

General Description

If you’re searching for the most innovative and dependable batteries, cells and systems in the world, look no further than K2 Energy. Utilizing the latest Lithium Ion Phosphate technology, they are able to produce incredibly effective energy solutions for use in medical, transportation and military applications.

They strive to create energy products that outperform traditional batteries in performance, safety, power and environmental benefits. Producing both energy and power battery cells, modules and systems, we are certain that their products will stand up to whatever challenge you may be facing and will last for years to come.

This is K2's K2B12V10EB with built in Protection Circuit Model (PCM). A “PCM” is a Protection Circuit Module, that in its very simplest form controls the upper and lower voltage cut off and has short circuit protection. K2 batteries also include balancing. K2 conforms to the University of Texas' patent requiring the highest quality raw materials. There are cheaper offshore choices which bypass quality and safety standards…BE CAREFUL! K2 Energy® is known for; superior cycle life, reliability, quality and safety.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) is a special kind of lithium battery that addresses the 4 major issues with current lithium technologies: Safety, Life, Power, and Environmental Friendliness. The discharge of a LiFePO2 stays at a higher voltage. You see a better working capacity than the SLA 12AH batteries, however these are light at 2.87lbs (3.83in x 2.53in x 5.94in). These are direct swap for your standard 7.5A/hr SLA battery. (Terminal size F2).

K2 Lithium Ion™ battery technology delivers high power and energy density without compromising safety. They experience no thermal runaway, have low capacity loss and impedance growth, are light weight and up to 1/3 the size of conventional lead acid batteries. They can be cycled to 100% depth of discharge allowing our cells, batteries and systems to meet, often exceeding energy needs and even avoiding the need for redundant capacity.

Wings & Wheels is proud to be a K2 Energy® dealer.


K2 Energy® Battery Benefits

Superior Power
Provides consistent power over a wide range of states of charge for greater capacity utilization.

Proven chemically safe formula provides much greater abuse tolerance over lithium oxide based chemistries.

Cycle Life
Delivers thousands of cycles at 100% depth of discharge – Up to 10X the life of traditional lead acid batteries.

Highest Energy Density
Industry leading LFP energy density with unmatched efficiency & performance.

No harmful or expensive heavy metals – recyclable with reduced environmental impact.

Light Weight
As little as 30% the size and weight of the traditional lead acid batteries of equivalent capacity.

About K2 Energy®

Founded in Henderson, Nevada in 2006, K2 Energy is an American company and a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries that are used in many advanced medical, transportation, and military applications around the world. Patented in the United States, Europe, and in China, K2’s Lithium Ion™ technology provides products tailored to customer requirements over a broad range of applications and platforms. Our proprietary K2 Lithium Ion™ technology in energy and power battery cells, modules and systems promise superior power, uncompromised safety, and unmatched performance in light–weight, long–lasting products that significantly out–perform traditional lead–acid batteries and other lithium ion products. We constantly research and develop new process technology and products and are dedicated to reimagining what is possible in the field of energy storage systems.

Technical Data

Nominal Capacity @ C/5 (Ah) 9.6
Average Operating Voltage@ C/5 (V) 12.8
Protection Control Module*  
Weight (kg/lbs) 1.3 /2.87
Height (mm/in) 97.3 / 3.83
Width (mm/in) 64.3 / 2.53
Length (mm/in) 151 / 5.94
Recommended Operation Conditions  
Continuous Discharge (A) ≤ 9.6
Pulse Discharge (A) 30 Seconds 25
Charge Current (A) ≤ 4.8
Charge Voltage Cutoff (V) 14.6
Discharge Voltage Cutoff (V) 10.0
High Operating Temp (°C) 60
Low Operating Temp (°C) -20
Maximum Operating Conditions  
Continuous Discharge (A) ≤ 25
Pulse Discharge (A) ≤2 seconds 40
Charge Current (A) ≤ 9.6
Charge Voltage Cutoff (V) 16.4
Max Modules in Series 4

K2 Energy Discharge Rates

K2B12V10 Constant Current Time Profile @ 25°C
(0.48 A)
(4.8 A)
(9.6 A)
(19.2 A)
(25 A)
20 hrs
2 hrs
60 min
29 min
24 min

*Cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, & short circuit protection.

K2 Energy Battery Dimensions

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