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The LXSim simulator is a fully functional simulator of the LX8080, LX8000, LX9000, LX9050 and LX9070, which is working on the Windows operating system.

With LXSim you can:

  • experience how the device is working
  • upload your own user profile
  • upload latest databases and check them
  • import/check airspace
  • simulate your IGC flight

For simulating your IGC flight, press FILE -> OPEN. If you want to see it in FULL screen mode, Press Ctrl+Enter.

Click on the SD card symbol to insert or remove SD card.


LX Styler

LXStyler is a customization tool for the LX80/90xx system. With it you can modify/add or remove existing navigational pages.

  • Navboxes (value, size, colour, position)
  • Widgets (add or remove, size, colour, position)
  • Map (add or remove, position)
  • Airplane icon (position, size, shape, colour...)
  • Check lists (add/remove, colour, text...)
  • Messages (position, size, colour)

  • Software Manual  Flettner 2000