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LX Sim

A Taste of Perfection


LX Sim is a fully functional simulator for the LX8080, LX8000, LX9000, LX9050 and LX9070 systems. It is available for the Windows operating system.

Short Tutorial

A Few Hints How to Get Things Done

• Simulating: To simulate your IGC flight, press FILE–> OPEN

• Full Screen: If you want to see it in FULL screen mode, press Ctrl+Enter.

• SD Card: Click on the SD card symbol to insert or remove a SD card.



• Upload Your Own User Profile.

• Upload and Check the Latest Databases.

• Simulate your IGC Flight

• Import and Check Airspaces

Check Terrain Schemes

LXNAV Terrain Schemes

14 Terrain Presets Available

Explore PAN Mode and Go–To

LX Sim PAN Mode

GO–TO function without any waypoints by using the PAN mode. Simple and visual exploring of nearby airspace with all details.

• Download LX Sim here.

• Download User Manual here.

• Download Map Installation Manual here.

LX Styler

Customization Tool for LX80XX/90XX Systems


LXStyler is a customization tool for the LX80/90xx system. With it you can modify/add or remove existing navigational pages.

Key Features

• Navboxes: You can change value, size, color, position and other things that involves customization according to your needs.
• Plane Icon: Style the plane icon to be yours and unique.
• Widgets: Add, remove, size, color or position widgets according to your needs.
• Check List: You can stylize check list to match your needs.
• Map: Add, remove or position map.
• Messages: Style messages to your style.

System Requirements

The LXStyler is written for a Windows operating system. The minimum requirements are simple:

• A Pentium processor
• Windows XP or higher
• .NET Framework 2.0
• 15MB of free disk space

Installing and Uninstalling

You can download the installation program from our webpage, then run it and follow the on–screen instructions to complete the installation. To uninstall a program, navigate to the “uninstall icon” in the LX Styler group, and run it. You can also open the “Control panel”, select “Add or Remove Programs”, find the LX Styler line, and press the Remove button.


"LXNAV LX Styler Customize

• Download LX Styler here.

• Download User Manual here.

• LX Styler requires the .NET framework  read more.