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FLARM is a collision avoidance system developed by glider pilots. FLARM warns if there is a collision hazard from terrain (optional), other FLARM–equipped gliders and other aircraft (ADS-B & transponder). It also gives the location of non–threatening nearby FLARM–equipped gliders. FLARM is programmed with intelligence to understand the unique flight characteristics of gliders so it stays quiet unless there is a real hazard.

PowerFLARM Features:
• FLARM collision-avoidance system (other FLARM gliders)
• 1090–ADS–B
• Transponder detector
• An IGC certified logger suitable for badges, contests, and OLC
• Traffic data output to flight computers, PDA or PNA.


FLARM Radar– Orange symbols mean more hazardous traffic, relative altitude is depicted above or below the symbols, +03 means 300 feet above.
– green symbols depict not so relevant traffic. The darker ones are underneath, the brighter ones above
– not all received traffic is shown, only relevant FLARM– or ADS–B targets

FLARM Directional Warning

FLARM Directional Warning

This screen shows a possible collision with another Flarm equipped aircraft is detected. The aircraft is at your 11 o'clock position and higher than you. If there is more than one threat; e.g. several gliders are thermalling at your 11 o'clock then a number will appear in the red circle to indicate the number of detected Flarm–equipped aircraft.

Flarm Non-Directional Warning

FLARM Non Directional Warning

FLARM now shows a possible collision with a Mode–C/S aircraft. Relative altitude and distance approximation are shown. The red circle around the aircraft-symbol pulsates. This graphic indicates the threat is 200′ higher then you and approximately 1.2 km away.

FLARM Obstacle Warning

FLARM Obstacle WarningFLARM is indicating a possible collision with an obstacle up ahead.


FLARM Configuration Tool

PowerFLARM Antenna Mounting PowerFLARM antenna mounting

Sailplane FLARM Mode S Address Lookup (enter you N number)

Radio Range FLARM Analysis Tool

PowerFLARM Portable ManualPowerFLARM Portable manual

PowerFLARM Core ManualPowerFLARM Portable manual