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Soaring Weather


General Description

SkySight Weather Forecasting for Glider Pilots.


• Soaring Weather
• General Aviation Weather
• Specialist Forecasting
• Weather Data Services

Soaring Weather

SkySight Soaring Weather

General Aviation Weather

General Aviation Weather

Specialist Forecasting

SkySight Specialist Forecasting

Weather Data Services

SkySight Weather Data Services

Detailed & Interactive Forecast

SkySight Detailed and Interactive Forecasts

Advanced Modelling

High Resolution, state–of–the–art weather model utilizing in-house super-computing technology.

Powerful Tools

Interactive tools to analyze the forecasts in detail, SkewT's, Point forecasts, Cross Sections and more.

Cross Platform

Works on all platforms with a modern web browser, laptops, tablets, phones and desktops. Also supports LXNAV LX9000's!

Try SkySight

SkySight is $79/Year. You can try SkySight Free for 7 days!

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Maps Overlay

SkySight Maps Overlay

Maps Overlay with Airspace

SkySight Maps Overlay with Airspace

Route Forecast

SkySight Route Forecast


SkySight SkewT


SkySight Point Table

Live GOES–16 / GOES–R with Rain

SkySight Live GOES-16 / GOES-R with Rain

Strange Weather Example

SkySight Strange Weather Example


Does SkySight forecast for my region? SkySight forecasts for most regions where there are glider pilots – including; Most of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.

What devices does SkySight work on? SkySight supports all modern browsers (we recommend Chrome for best compatability), on all platforms. Our website is designed to function on all screen sizes, although some advanced features require larger screen sizes.

Is there an app? We are focused on making our website have the best experience on all platforms – so we think an app is not necessary and just visiting our website on your device is all that is necessary.

Can I use SkySight for my competition or event? Please contact us at – we love supporting competitions and events, not only with free access, but sponsorship and prizes.

Is there help or instructions available? es! We have a YouTube series you can watch at: