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Wing Wheel

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    IMI Wing Wheel

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IMI Wing Wheel consists of adjustable wing holder and from aluminum swinging fork with fiberglass flat spring and 16 inch wheel. The fork with the spring provides the suspension and restrains shocks from the ground. All three fiberglass parts of the wing holder are covered with smooth black adhesive foam and are painted with polyester gelcoat ensuring long operating lifetime. All steel parts are zinc galvanized and aluminum parts anodized to ensure good anti-corrosive protection.

The wing holder attaches at the wing from the leading edge side after opening of the locks. After the proper locating at the wing fasten the closing locks, the holder will pull together. Drive slow and carefully when towing the glider (max 10kmph, 7mph)!

The wing wheel is delivered preadjusted for your type of glider. The wing holder chord length and thickness can be changed after your request between 48 – 60cm deep and 12 – 19% thickness. Also the height of the fork is adjustable between 75–90cm. This wing wheel is really universal! Deeper two seater version for gliders like Duo Discus, Arcus, DG500/1000 available.

You can fold the wing wheel for transport easily. Loosen the plastic nut, unhook the fiberglass spring, tilt down the fork with wheel, enjoy the small dimensions.

The packing contains also a set of bolts of different lengths and rubber spacers for easy adjustment of the wing holder.

IMI Gliding

IMI – Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of year 2004. After eleven years of experience our aims profiled in simple conclusion: everything we do, we try to do the best we can.

We offer you the usual things with unusual quality, new ideas, interesting look, smart functions. As we hear from the feedback of our satisfied customers, this is the right way. Since we are personally enthusiastic and experienced glider pilots, we understand the problems quite well. In 2016 we have more than 5000 satisfied customers from the whole world.