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Sailplane Rigger

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IMI One Man Rigging System

IMI One Man Rigging System (OMRS) was successfully tested at the beginning of 2008. Several hundreds of units were delivered to the customers from whole world and for many different types of gliders since that time. It is high rated especially for its simple and light design, simple use and also small transport dimensions. We offer several combinations to be able to equip different kinds of glider types. Combination of four different wing holders and three bodies can be used, so the device is useful for almost all glider types, including some of the microlight and historical gliders.

NEW – special non–universal wing holders for Arcus double seater and modern flapped single seaters (Ventus 1/2, ASW–27, ASG–29, ASH-26/30/31, JS–1, Nimbus 3/4, Quintus, Antares, Shark) available on stock from February 2012! For those pilots, who want to have fully universal One Man Rigging System for club use or sharing with friends, the older universal wing holders are also on stock and compatible with above named gliders, only with aesthetic limitations (gap between wing and holder etc.).


IMI POWER–RIGGER was specially designed for heavy two seaters and heavy open class gliders since there was big demand of our customers for such solution in our high quality of fabrication, which is already well known. We decided to make the device without compromises, the basic design was developed and engineered to be overdimensioned for high loads of wings far over 100kg since the very beginning. Of course we offer also the smaller POWER–RIGGER for any modern single seater, it uses the same overdimensioned chassis and actuators with only minor modifications (lower height and smaller width and of course another wing holders).

All types of POWER–RIGGER bodies are compatible with all available wing holder types of IMI–Gliding, we have wide offer of 6 types for different glider classes today. The actuators were developed in cooperation with one of the best world electric actuator producers according to our specification of travel, strength, high speed operation, inbuilt limit switches and also durability (metal gear, IP66 protection). The result is brilliant and we are happy that the long development lead into perfect machine which shows very good results right from the first testing.

We also decided to equip this machine with some clever function, which were not introduced by any rigging tool before, for example battery voltage indication, charging of the battery in or outside of the body, toggle switches for actuator control without the remote control transmitter, brakes for both wheels for use at the concrete/tarmac surface.

IMI Gliding

IMI – Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of year 2004. After eleven years of experience our aims profiled in simple conclusion: everything we do, we try to do the best we can.

We offer you the usual things with unusual quality, new ideas, interesting look, smart functions. As we hear from the feedback of our satisfied customers, this is the right way. Since we are personally enthusiastic and experienced glider pilots, we understand the problems quite well. In 2016 we have more than 5000 satisfied customers from the whole world.