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Wind Powered Trailer Vents

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The principle is deceptively simple: mounted on a spindle, the extractor fan is driven by an air scoop which catches the air stream created by the motion of a vehicle or the prevailing breeze. Beneath the spinning air scoop are vanes which expel air, drawing stale air from below. The construction of the unit prevents the entry of rain, dust and downdrafts. Extraction capacity is remarkably effective and can be regulated by adjusting the internal shutter. Wind power means a quiet, totally maintenance–free performance with no electrical connections, no battery drain, no running costs and no distracting motor noise.

Flettner 2000 Ventilator

Flettner 2000™ Ventilator is ideal for small to medium sized vehicles it is fitted extensively to animal transportation vehicles and trailers around the world and has been the main ventilator specified by fleet managers, converters and upfitters for many years.

Easy and quick to fit no matter what the application, the Flettner 2000™ has an unrivaled list of endorsements from providing dependable, trouble–free ventilation in Antarctic field stations to kayak expeditions across the Tasman sea.

The Flettner 2000™ is available in Black or White and has a lifetime warranty to give you full confidence and peace of mind.

Flettner TCX-2

Flettner TCX–2™ Ventilator is quite simply the world’s most advanced wind–powered ventilator.

Ideal for glider trailers. With patents and design registrations held in all key global markets, and designed using state–of–the–art computational flow dynamics, the Flettner TCX–2™ has been created to maximize rotational efficiency and torque to produce very powerful extraction rates – almost twice those of the Flettner 2000™ making it particularly suited to being fitted to larger vehicles or buildings.

Incorporating an integral air concentrator and an ultra–efficient centrifugal fan the Flettner TCX–2™ not only leads the way in operational efficiency it is also much simpler to fit than other ventilators – cutting installation times by as much as 50%. Moreover, everything is included with the ventilator – integral bolt fixing, full fitting instructions and template, gasket and shutter – Nothing more to buy, no messy adhesives and no sourcing of fixings.