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MH EDS Pulse Demand Kit

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Mountain High EDS-02D1 Pulse Demand Oxygen Controller

Mountain High EDS O2D1 or O2D2 Pulse Demand™ Kit is designed to deliver aviation oxygen in the most efficient and convenient manner possible. With its user–selectable settings, APNEA Alarm and small size, the EDS is the most flexible portable digital electronic oxygen delivery system in the world.

Two EDS models fit most common needs for a portable oxygen system. The flagship EDS O2D2 device provides oxygen for either one or two users in a single compact unit, while the EDS O2D1 is the single–user “little brother” of the O2D2. The primary difference between the two models is the second-user capability of the O2D2, but otherwise the performance, features, operation and limitations of the O2D1 and O2D2 are essentially identical.

When the O2D2 is used in single–place mode it has basically the same oxygen consumption and battery duration as the O2D1. Since oxygen consumption and battery duration information in this manual is presented on a “per person” basis, this means that when the O2D2 is used with 2 people oxygen consumption will be roughly double, and battery duration roughly half the indicated values.

The EDS unit supplies the oxygen you need to stay alert and comfortable while flying by providing a measured pulse of oxygen at the beginning of each inhalation. In contrast to constant flow systems that deliver more oxygen than the body needs, the MH EDS provides oxygen only when you inhale. This patented delivery technology ensures that you stay safe and comfortable by delivering the proper amount of oxygen based on your pressure altitude and breathing rate. The efficiency of this method provides a dramatic increase in cylinder duration, which enables you to enjoy the benefits of oxygen use below the mandated altitude. This means fewer headaches, less fatigue and increased alertness when flying at night or for long distances. It also enables you to save weight and space with a smaller cylinder, and fly longer between refills!

Unlike constant–flow oxygen systems, the MH EDS features “set and forget” operation and can be set to begin providing oxygen either immediately, or above a specified altitude. Oxygen flow is automatically adjusted according to your pressure altitude.

When you’re flying, you have more important things to do than adjust your oxygen flow during altitude changes.

Mountain High O2D2

How Pulse Demand Works

The patented MH EDS (Electronic Delivery System) is a one (O2D1–2G) or two–user (O2D2–2G) aviation oxygen delivery device. It is designed to deliver aviation oxygen in the most efficient, comfortable and convenient way possible. With its user-selectable settings, apnea alarm and small size, the MH EDS is the most portable and flexible electronic digital oxygen delivery system in the world. By providing a measured pulse of oxygen every time you breathe in, the MH EDS supplies the oxygen you need to stay alert and comfortable while flying. In contrast to constant flow systems that waste oxygen by supplying more than your body can use, the MH EDS provides a short pulse of oxygen as you inhale, ensuring that your oxygen is used most efficiently. Efficient oxygen delivery means you can fly further on a single oxygen refill or save space and weight with a smaller tank. It also makes it more feasible to enjoy the advantages of oxygen while flying below the altitudes where oxygen is mandated – that can mean fewer headaches, increased alertness, and feeling less exhausted when you reach your destination. Your actual oxygen usage will be determined by your breathing rate and physiological needs at altitude. The programmability of the MH EDS means that, unlike constant–flow oxygen systems, you can “set it and forget it”. By automatically detecting your pressure altitude, the MH EDS can be set to start providing oxygen immediately or at a specified altitude and will automatically adjust the oxygen flow as your altitude changes. When you're flying, don't you have more important things to do than adjust your oxygen flow during altitude changes?

The EDS–O2D1–2G System enables the general aviation pilot to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000′ with safety and comfort. The EDS–O2D1–2G digital Pulse– Demand™ system reduces Oxygen consumption dramatically. Different from the “standard” constant flow systems, the EDS–O2D1–2G Pulse–Demand™ system wastes no Oxygen during the breathing cycle when oxygen is is not being delivered to the lungs. The average user will enjoy a duration increase of two to three times compared to the constant flow systems.

The built in Barometer adjusts for Altitude increase while reducing the pilots work load.

Abandoned unit auto shut off: If you should forget to turn your EDS off after use, it will now go into auto shut-down (drawing very little power) after 3 hours of detecting no use in an attempt to save the batteries for another flight.


• Compact, light–weight, easy–to–use.
• Automatically adjusts oxygen flow for pressure altitude.
• Reduced oxygen consumption through more efficient oxygen delivery compared to constant–flowsystems.
• Rugged MIL–spec control switch for improved reliability. Positive position–detents provide excellent tactile feedback and resistance to inadvertent changes.
• Rotary mode–switch selects the EDS operating mode: Night, Delay or high–flow Facemask settings.
• Large easy–to–grip indicator knob for ease of use and good visibility.
• Red/Yellow/Green LEDs indicate oxygen flow status and alarm conditions.
• Audible and visible FLOW–FAULT Alarm informs user of kinked, pinched or disconnected oxygen lines.
• Reduced dry mouth and sinus discomfort compared to constant–flow oxygen systems.