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Para-Phernalia Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute

Para-Phernalia Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute

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Detailed Description

Para–Phernalia Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute

General Description

Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute

The Seatpack Softie is for use in aircraft that do not have no room for a backpack style parachute behind the pilot.

The Seatpack Softie is designed for use by persons weighing up to 240 lbs. The container is 15″ wide 14″ fore & aft 2 1/2″ thick. Total weight: 16 lbs.

We now offer the Seatpack SOFTIE in a Wedge version that is thicker at the front and thinner at the rear which allows for greater headroom.

Each Softie Emergency Parachute System comes with your choice of Conventional Harness or our exclusive Aerobatic Harness. You may also choose from a number of harness and container options to customize your SOFTIE to your individual needs.

Custom sizing is available! Please call Wings & Wheels.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks delivery time for your Seatpack SOFTIE parachute.

Compare and Decide

SOFTIE offers several models. Each can be customized to suit your individual needs. Whether you fly powered aerobatics, gliders, warbirds, or any other type of aircraft, they have an emergency parachute system designed for your application.

Micro Softie
Mini Softie
Seatpack Softie
Wedge Softie
Long Softie
Softie Parachute Comparison Guide
Softie Micro Parachute
Softie Mini Parachute
Softie Seatpack Parachute
Softie Wedge Parachute
Softie Long Parachute
14 lbs.
15 lbs.
16 lbs.
15 lbs.
16 lbs.
14″ Fore & Aft 
2.25″ Bottom
.5″ Top
or 16″
13″ or
Pilot Weight
Up to 180 lbs. or
Up to 240 lbs.
Up to 240 lbs.
Up to 240 lbs.
Up to 180 lbs. or
Up to 240 lbs.
Up to 180 lbs. or
Up to 240 lbs.
Canopy Type
Steerable Conical
Steerable Conical
Steerable Conical
Steerable Conical
Steerable Conical
Custom Sizing Available
A narrower and shorter version of the Mini Softie, the Micro Softie is designed to fit and stay secure over the shoulder of smaller individuals.
An extremely small, lightweight and comfortable backpack parachute system designed for use in today's restricted cockpit environments.
Designed for use in aircraft that simply have no room for a backpack style parachute.
A wedged shaped version of our popular Mini and Micro Softies, the Wedge Softie is designed specifically to add lumbar and sacral support during high, positive G maneuvers. It is ideal for the upright seating found in Pitts style seating.
The chair style Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in todays high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft.

Conventional Harness

Softie Mini Conventional Harness

The conventional harness has a fully adjustable main lift web which permits the harness to be adjusted to fit a wide range of individuals. The harness has connection points on each leg strap and on on the chest strap. The leg straps come standard with B12 Snap connectors. As an option, we offer Thread Thru Adapters or Quick Ejectors on the legstraps. The chest strap comes standard with a Thread Thru Adapter, a Quick Ejector is optional on the chest strap.

Aerobatic Harness Option (No Extra Charge)

Mini SOFTIE Aerobatic Parachute

Our unique crossover style Aerobatic Harness is designed specifically for pilots doing high NEGATIVE G aerobatic maneuvers. The harness is designed so that the legstrap connecting hardware is moved away from the hips where it can dig in and cause pain and discomfort during high negative G aerobatic maneuvers. The harness is attached by having the legstraps pass through a high strength soft loop at the hip and then cross over and buckle on the opposite side of the harness just below the rib cage This unique design has proven to be very popular with aerobatic pilots.

SOFTIE Care & Maintenance

Taking proper care of your emergency parachute system is equally as important as properly maintaining your aircraft. By following a few simple procedures you will ensure that your SOFTIE will provide many years of trouble free service. And more importantly, operate properly in the event you need to use it. Yes, it can happen to you!

The longevity of your parachute system is your responsibility and is almost entirely dependent upon proper maintenance and storage. When not in use, store the parachute in a bag, in a well–ventilated area away from direct exposure to sunlight, oils, and/or acids. If you find that your parachute has come in contact with any unsafe conditions including wetness, have it inspected by a qualified rigger immediately. Do not wait until you want to use it again as extended exposure to foreign substances can damage the materials beyond repair.

Inspection and Packing
FAA regulations require an emergency parachute in use to be inspected and packed by a licensed rigger within the last 180 days, regardless of the number of times it's been worn. If you fly year round this means you must have your parachute system inspected and repacked at least three times during the year. Locate and establish a relationship with a FAA licensed parachute rigger in your area. Set up a schedule and make note on your calendar to have the parachute repacked (it's easy to forget). That way you won't arrive at the airport ready for a days flying only to find your grounded because your parachute is out of date. To find a rigger, check your local phone directory under parachutes or parachuting, or contact a local sport parachuting center, they will be able to assist you in locating a reputable rigger.

Preflight Inspection
Establish a routine for a preflight inspection of your parachute just as you do your aircraft. Your safety is directly related to the condition of your parachute (it does happen). A small oversight could create a very significant safety hazard. Check the exterior of the container for stains, mildew and excessive wear. Inspect the hardware, be sure snaps function properly and check for corrosion. Look for fraying or nicks in the webbing and inspect for broken or missing stitches. Perform a pin check on the ripcord by lifting the pin protector flap and making sure the pins are straight and extend through the closing loop at least ½″. Make sure that the handle extracts from the pocket easily. Also, there should be no kinks or dents in the ripcord housing. Check the last date of inspection and repack on the packing card. FAA regulations require a parachute in use to have been packed within the last 180 days. This preflight routine is mandatory to maintain the safety of your parachute. Note: the FAA definitely frowns on flying with out of date parachutes.

Para–Phernalia Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute price varies depending on selection.
Use above dropdown box for selections and final price.

Completely Customizable

Softie Mini Parachute

Para–Phernalia standard Seatpack SOFTIE Backpack Parachute includes (2) B–12 snaps on leg harness and thread–thru chest strap. Your parachute is completely customizable. SOFTIE offers:
Thread–Thru Adapters – the flattest and lightest of the connectors we offer. For a pilot that is interested in minimizing weight and bulk, thread–thru adapters are an excellent choice.
Quick Ejector Snaps – allow for fast, easy, one hand disconnection of the harness attach points. Quick ejectors offer a nice convince, however, it is important to know they are bulkiest and heaviest of all the connector hardware we offer.
Capewell Canopy Releases – allow the canopy to be disconnected from the harness. If you fly in areas where high ground winds are common you may want to consider this option. Capewell's will allow you to release the canopy to avoid being drug across the ground after landing. NOTE: The harness main lift web is non–adjustable when Capewells are installed.
Custom Monogram – Another popular options is personalize your SOFTIE with your initials or aircraft registration numbers. Choose any combination of up to five letters and numbers and SOFTIE will embroider them on the right side of the harness in your choice of color.

LIST price $2,685.00.

Mini SOFTIE Parachute Standard Colors

Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute Standard Color Options:
• Red
• Royal Blue
• Navy Blue
• Grey
• Olive Drab
• Black
Wings & Wheels typically stocks Blue and Red.

Mini SOFTIE Parachute Custom Colors

Seatpack SOFTIE Custom Color Options:
• Brown
• Orange
• Gold
• Green
• Teal
• Tan
• Purple.

Seatpack SOFTIE Container Options

• Genuine Sheepskin Backpad
• Matching Carry–All bag
• Bailout Bottle Cover
• Custom Colors
• Cotton Sweat Pad
• Three Stripes on container
• Custom Monogram (Maximum of 5 letter and/or numbers, your choice of thread color)

Pre–Flight Procedures

The SOFTIE harness and container system is designed, tested, manufactured and delivered according to the highest possible industry standards. It is up to the owner to maintain it in top condition. Below are certain areas that you and/or your rigger should check on a regular basis to ensure proper operation and long life of your equipment.

Before Each Flight You Should Check:
• Ripcord and housing for tackings, damage, proper seating and / or obstructions.
• Ripcord pins, cable, handle and pocket for proper seating, wear and / or damage.
• All harness webbing and hardware for wear or damage.

After Putting Your Rig on, Check:
• Ripcord handle secure in its pocket.
• Chest strap is properly threaded and running end secured
• Leg straps are properly threaded and running ends are stowed

Wearing the SOFTIE

There are five points of adjustment on the SOFTIE harness:
•Shoulder adapters (two): Factory preset at medium adjustment. should be adjusted prior to donning the harness.
• Chest strap (one): With either adjustable v–ring and snap hardware or thread through adapters.
• Leg straps (2): With either v-ring and snap hardware or thread through adapters.

Seatpack SOFTIE Parachute Fit

Your SOFTIE should be, above all else, comfortable. But, the real reason any pilot or passenger in an aircraft is wearing a parachute is in case an emergency bailout becomes necessary. If that should happen, the person using the parachute will reduce the risk of problems during egress and opening if the harness is worn snugly around the body. Take the time to properly adjust the fit of your Softie whether for yourself or for a less experienced passenger. The following steps should be taken to insure proper fit.

Putting on the Conventional Harness
• Place the harness over the shoulders and hold each of the two (2) leg strap snaps snugly at each hip. If the main lift webbing is correctly adjusted, the shoulder adapters will sit just in front of the shoulder below the collarbone. The wearer should be able to stand erect and the container should not sit low on the back.
• If necessary, remove the SOFTIE to make any adjustments to the shoulder adapters and be sure to stow any additional riser exposed during adjustment.
• With the SOFTIE back on your shoulders bend forward and grasp the bottom of the container; raising the container so that it rests high on the back.
• Reach between your legs and take hold of one of the leg straps.
• Identify that it is either left or right. Remove any twists and fasten the leg strap v–ring adapter to the appropriate snap. The snap should “Snap” shut. Be sure that no clothing or other obstructions are caught in the snap.
• Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the opposite leg strap.
• Now stand erect and fasten the chest strap; either with the thread through buckle or with snap and adjustable v–ring. Tighten the chest strap but not so much as to distort the main lift webbing. Stow any free–end excess in the elastic band.
• Reach down and grasp both leg strap free ends and tighten the leg straps. Stow any excess leg strap free–end in the elastic keeper. Snug while standing erect is sufficient. When you sit down in the aircraft the harness will now feel loose and comfortable.

Putting on the Aerobatic Harness
• Place the harness over your shoulders and hold each of the leg strap loops at each hip. If the main lift webbing is adjusted correctly, the shoulder adapters will sit in front of your shoulder just under the collarbone.
• If necessary, remove the SOFTIE to make any adjustment to the shoulder adapters. To make the main lift web longer – pull about 1″ of the riser webbing out of the riser protector (Velcro) flap and extend it thru the shoulder adapters. To make the main lift web shorter – run the main lift webbing up thru the shoulder adapters and stow the excess in the riser protector (Velcro) flaps.
• With the SOFTIE back on your shoulders bend forward and grasp the bottom of the container, raising the container so that it rests high on the back.
• Reach between your legs and take hold of the left leg strap, remove any twists.
• Bring the left leg strap between your legs and thread it thru the loop on your left hip (inside to out), then continue across your chest to the snap on the right side of your chest.
• Repeat steps 4 & 5 with the right leg strap.
• Stand erect and tighten the harness by pulling on the ends of the harness webbing. Stow any excess webbing in the elastic keepers.
• When you sit down the harness will feel much looser due to the geometry of the “A” harness. When seated in the aircraft snug up the harness and restow the excess webbing.

About Para–Phernalia

Para–Phernalia, Inc. has designed and manufactured the SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes since 1979. Our emergency parachutes are known world wide for being the highest quality, most comfortable, and reliable emergency parachutes available.

There are seven different SOFTIE models which make up the SOFTIE product line. Each can be customized to suit your individual needs. Whether you fly powered aerobatics, gliders, warbirds, or any other type of aircraft, we have an emergency parachute system designed for your application.

SOFTIE Parachute Logo

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