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HpH Sailplanes

HpH SailplanesBecome a satisfied owner! Wings & Wheels is proud to be the sole North American dealer for HpH Ltd. HpH began producing sailplanes in 1997 with attention to quality and craftsmanship. Over 130 sailplanes have been delivered wordwide after gaining rights to produce the original Glasflügel 304. HpH staff have experience dating back to construction of the Katana, EB29 and Diamond Dimona. HpH initially produced the HpH 304C Wasp, an inexpensive standard class glider and HpH  304CZ. Most production today is the new 18 meter HpH Shark, a competivive design competing with the JS1, ASG-29 and Ventus 2cx. Soon to fly is the two seat Twin Shark a 20 meter two place sailplane set to dominate the new 20 meter two seat class.

HpH 304S


The HPH 304S (Shark) is a High Performance Single Seat, flapped, racing class sailplane. It is available in an 18-meter wingspan. Both Jet Sustainer, FES and Solo Powered Self-Launching versions are options. The Shark is not simply a face lift of an existing technology, but the very latest in a long study of what was, until now, the “State-of-the-Art”. We focus on pilots who want comfort, design and prestige in addition to performance.  


  • Best Glide 51:1 @ 67.5 kts
  • Minimum Sink Rate 82.8 fpm @ 35.6 kts
  • Empty Weight 617 lbs
  • Maximum Weight 1323 lbs
  • New levels of performance.

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HpH 304C

304C (Wasp)

The HpH 304C is the standard class (without flaps) version of the 304CZ.  It's a perfect sailplane for Club Class racing with an ideal handicap.

  • Best L/D 42:1
  • Minimum Sink Rate 112 ft/min
  • Empty Weight 517 lbs
  • Maximum Weight 990 lbs
  • Wing Area 106 ft square

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HpH 304TS

Twin Shark

The HpH 304TS (Twin Shark) is under development and expected to fly in 2015 with advanced aerodynamics.  The Twin Shark is designed to be a competative two place 20 meter sailplane ready to compete with the Arcus and ASG 32.


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  • Best L/D 49:1 @ 69.1 kts
  • Minimum Sink Rate - not yet calculated
  • Empty Weight 1058 lbs
  • Maximum Weight 1763 lbs
  • Wing Area 165.44 ft square

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HpH 304CZ


The HpH 304CZ is a single seat FAI 15 meter class sailplane with flaps.   It's produced with the same original drawings and data from the original Glasflugel.

  • Best L/D 42.5:1
  • Minimum Sink Rate 112 ft/min
  • Empty Weight 518 lbs
  • Maximum Weight 990 lbs.
  • Wing Area 106 ft square

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