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HpH 304S

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The 304 Shark is an 18 meter sailplane available as a pure 304S, self-launch 304MS and jet sustainer 304SJ configuration.  It's easy to fly, docile and stable at all speed ranges.   All control hookups are automatic.  The wing is all new and optimized with help from two universities’ research.  It has a thin 13.2% airfoil which reduces insect contamination on the leading edge while flying.  The wing planform has a special elliptical sweeping leading edge and wingtips which lower induced drag.  There is a three section flaperon along the entire trailing edge.  Rigging is simple with a two piece wing.  The outer panel has special designed winglets. 

The Shark incorporates a water ballast tank with a 180 liter capacity.  Additional tanks are available in the tail to optimize the center of gravity.  Maximum takeoff weight is 600 kg and L/D of 51 makes this glider the best value on the market today.

The T-tail is conventional with high precision carbon fibre prepreg technology achieving low weight and high rigidity.  Stabilizer tip have a new state of the art shape raising efficiency and cutting down induced drag.  Assembling the elliptical stabilizer is automatic and takes only seconds by a single pull pin.

304 SJThe 304SJ has a TBS J40 jet engine based on a proven military power plant . Development was tailored to use in a glider with attention to size, weight and fuel consumption.  The engine has a hi-torque electric motor for starting.  Dedicated batteries offer 10 engine starts before recharging. There is a comprehensive fire detection system giving the highest level of safety.   With three switches and a couple of seconds the engine is on!  The sequence is Master On, Engine extend, Engine start.  a full FADEC engine control system start the jet then settles back at idle.  You are then ready for full throttle.  Climb rates of 3 knots is achieved at 75 knots with a 24 liter / hr burn rate.  You can maintain altitude at 100 knots.  The fuselage take capacity is 28 liters.  There is no noticeable drag with an extended engine.  While running there is no vibration You can fly with a wider range of wingloading compared 304 MS because the total system weight is less than 22 lbs!  The jet engine is virtually maintenance free and can be disassembled in 30 minutes.


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