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  • 3M VHB

    3M™ VHB™ Tape

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  • Cloth Tape

    Cloth Gap Tape

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  • 25' foam sealing tape roll

    Foam Sealing Tape

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Aircraft Seal With a Center Hinged Control Surface

The seal is internal and requires the control surface to be removed for seal installation.

  1. Teflon Sealing Tape “Teflon Fabric Tape S–Seal” (non–adhesive)
  2. PVC Anti–Peel “tesa® PVC Safety Tape
  3. Pre–Curved ”Mylar Gap Seal
  4. tesa® Transfer Tape” (2 sided adhesive tapes)
  5. Glass Cloth “Teflon Fabric Tape” with single side adhesive (optional) 
  6. 3D “Turbulator Tape” (Zig Zag or Dimple Turbulator Tape)

Aircraft Seal with Center Control Hinge

Mylar Gap Seal

Pre–Curved Mylar is used for sealing the gap in-front of the control surface to increase performance of your sailplane. Mylar is attached to the upper and normally the lower surface of the wing bridging the gap and resting on the control surface. Pre–Curved Mylar is also normally found sealing the elevator and rudder. Pre-curved verse straight Mylar is normally used because it will continue the seal as the control surface is deflected down. It is important that you replace your mylar when it no longer is curved and doesn't seal with the control surface as they move.

Teflon Fabric Tape With Adhesive

This Teflon impregnated woven fiberglass tape is great for making a flexible airtight seal. Do not use Teflon ADHESIVE Tape for sealing on center hinge control surfaces, use Teflon Fabric Tape WITHOUT Adhesive. Application of Teflon tape with adhesive is best done with 2–3mm on the wing and the remainder on the control surface. Mylar then slides on the Teflon Tape making a smooth transition for airflow and Teflon Fabric makes an excellent airtight seal. Mylar also has a smooth rubbing surface to preserve your aircraft finish and reduce friction. You can use this tape as an anti–chafe tape.

NOTE: Teflon Tape With Adhesive starts as a brown or tan color. After 1–2 weeks in the sun it turns white.

V Seal

V–Seal is generally used on the inside of the vertical stabilizer to seal the rudder. This works well and is easy to install on both the right and left inside of the vertical stabilizer once the rudder is removed. With some trimming and great care you can use this on the front and aft part of your canopy making it significantly quieter.

Aircraft Seal With a Top or Bottom Hinge

  1. PVC Anti–Peel “tesa® Safety Tape
  2. Pre–Curved “Mylar Gap Seal
  3. tesa® Transfer Tape” (2 sided adhesive tapes)
  4. Glass Cloth ”Teflon Fabric Tape“ with single side adhesive 

Aircraft Gap Seal with a Bottom or Top Hinge

TESA Transfer Tape

Double sided sticky transfer tape is used to adhere mylar seals to your aircraft. Consult your aircraft maintenance manual for the recommended transfer tape width. Most aircraft manufacturers specify a transfer tape width 1/3 to 1/2 of mylar width.

Premium TESA Transfer Tape is a transparent double-sided tape consisting of a PP–film backing and a tackified adhesive. Premium transfer tape features excellent combination of high tack and adhesion for mylar installation. It has good temperature resistance and outdoor suitability. Premium transfer tape has a higher adhesion strength than standard transfer tape. Mylar will adhere stronger with Premium TESA Transfer Tape.

Standard TESA Transfer Tape is a transparent, double sided, self–adhesive tape with PET film lining and a modified acrylic adhesive. Standard TESA Transfer Tape has a lower adhesion than it's Premium counterpart.

Turbulator Tape

Major performance increases are possible on several sailplane models (proven on some power aircraft as well) by the addition of turbulators placed ahead of the separation bubble on the wing. Turbulators are found on most current production sailplanes as delivered by the manufacturers. Wings and Wheels offers multiple types of turbulator tape.

TESA PVC Safety Tape

TESA PVC Safety Tape is used to protect the leading edge of mylar from lifting and helps smooth airflow. Tesa tape has a high quality natural rubber adhesive and backing which is UV and chemical resistant. Some repair shops recommend PVC safety tape is changed every year when the glider is waxed. Keep in mind that old tape should never be left to the point it's brittle, cracked or lifting! Tesa safety tape is your first line of protection if mylar begins to lift. The widths are more for aesthetics but it is recommended you follow your manufactures recommendations. Tesa safety tape has very little shrinkage.