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National Flat Parachute
National Flat Parachute B-12 Snap Quick Ejector Snap

National Flat Parachute

Sale Price: $2,071.00

SKU: 3798A

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Detailed Description

National Flat Parachute

General Description

The Flat Back Parachute is the newest development from National Parachute. The National Flat has a uniform thickness from top to bottom. It's ideal for cockpits with limited space and larger pilots. Your parachute comes standard with (2) B12 leg snaps, thread–thru chest strap and standard harness, straight line quilting, black trim & harness, canopy, pilot chute and manual.

List Price $2529.00

If you have any questions or need help ordering your National Parachute please call
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National Flat
National Parachute Comparison Guide
National 360 Parachute National 425 Back Parachute National 490 Back Parachute National Flat Parachute
24′ Conical
26′ Conical
28′ Conical
26′ Conical
362 sq/ft
425 sq/ft
492 sq/ft
425 sq/ft
F–111 Nylon
F–111 Nylon
F–111 Nylon
F–111 Nylon
400 lb. Nylon
400 lb. Nylon
400 lb. Nylon
400 lb. Nylon
Reinforcing Bands
Laminated Kevlar
Laminated Kevlar
Laminated Kevlar
Laminated Kevlar
Deployment System
Full Diaper
Full Diaper
Full Diaper
Full Diaper
Pilot Weight
Up to 177 lbs.
Up to 208 lbs.
Up to 241 lbs.
Up to 220 lbs.
Rate of Turn
180° 4–5 Seconds
180° 4–5 Seconds
180° 4–5 Seconds
180° 4–5 Seconds
Top Width
Bottom Width
Upper Thickness
Lower Thickness
The teardrop shape provides flexibility and maximum comfort even in the tightest cockpits.
The teardrop shape provides flexibility and maximum comfort even in the tightest cockpits
The teardrop shape provides flexibility and maximum comfort even in the tightest cockpits.
National Flat is slightly wider and higher but much flatter with a higher pilot weight.

National Flat Hardware Options

The National Flat Parachute comes standard (2) B12 leg snaps and thread–thru chest strap. Your parachute is completely customizable. National offers:

National Parachute Options

Thread–Thru (TT) – The lightest and due to the flat profile, considered the most comfortable to wear under seatbelts. Thread–Thru is an excellent choice if you want to reduce bulk and weight

B–12 Standard Snap/V–Ring (B–12) – B–12 Snaps are more convenient than the TT hardware.

Quick Ejector Snap/V–Ring (QE) – QE Snaps automatically releases or "ejects" the V–Ring when pulling the finger lever outwards. These ejectors are the bulkiest and heaviest but most convenient.

“A” (Alternative) Harness
This option applies to National's Back, Seat, and Chair (FLAT) parachutes. The “A” harness positions the leg strap hardware away from the lap belt. The snap and V–ring are moved 5″ rearwards to position the hardware behind lap belt. It serves the same purpose as the “Aerobatic” harness by relocating the hardware.

See our list of in stock National Parachutes.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks delivery time for your custom National 360 Parachute.

National Flat Parachute Options

National Back Premium Bag

National Back Premium Bag is the perfect way to stow your National Parachute.

National Sheepskin Backpad Option

Detachable Sheepskin Pad is a great way to add extra padding to your National Back Parachute.

National Velour Option

Velour Option is a great way to add extra padding to your National Back Parachute.

National ELT Pocket Option

ELT Pocket is a pocket for your Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

National GRF Option

Gravity Retainer Flap Converts Back–Type parachute to a Chair–Type in seconds.

Operating Limitations

• Recommended minimum deployment height: 500′ AGL
• Pilot weight range: 100 lb (45 kg) to 241 lb (109 kg)
• Stability: ± 5° from vertical at gross weight
• Normal altitude loss during opening: 200 – 300′
• Ripcord pull force: 22 pounds maximum
• Forward drive: 3 – 10 mph (depending upon weight)
• Steerability: 360° in 8–10 seconds at gross weight
• Normal opening time: 2–3 seconds (varies with airspeed)

National Flat Parachute price varies depending on selection.
Use dropdown box above for selections and final price.

Technical Data

Length 61cm (24″)
Width Top 38cm (15″)
Width Bottom 38cm (15″)
Upper Back Thickness 6.3cm (2.5″)
Lower Lumbar Thickness 6.3cm (2.5″)
Weight 6.25kg (13.8lbs)
Recommended Pilot Weight Up to 100kg (220 pounds)

National Flat Color Options

The National Flat Parachute comes with black trim and harness.

National Parachute Color Options

• Navy Blue
• Black
• Red

Fitting of the Parachute

To don the harness with: 1) TT hardware is the simplest and lightest but typically requires the webbing be threaded / unthreaded from the hardware. This is mandatory for the chest strap, the leg straps may be operated the same way OR the webbing adjustment may be extended to the maximum (folded web ends hits TT) allowing to step in / out of leg straps. Cons…it can be cumbersome to operate. 2) B–12 snaps simply hook to the mating V–ring. To release the B–12 the guard is squeezed open to unhook from the V–ring. (Cons…some slack is required to unhook. 3) QE snaps hook on as the B–12 and have a built in lever to eject the V–ring which can be accomplished under moderate tension. It is easier and quicker to get out of the harness with QE snaps. (Cons…QE snaps cost more and may require added maintenance.)

Put the pack and harness on over the shoulders and fasten the chest strap. Pull the leg straps up between the legs and fasten both sides. Pull the free ends of the straps to remove excess slack and still maintain comfort. Skip ahead to the next page “Floating Harness Adjustment.”

Your parachute harness also comes with adjustable leg pads. The pads can be easily moved back and forth over the leg strap webbing (below the junction of hip side strap and mail lift web (MLW). To position the pads for maximum comfort for an actual use, insert index finger between back of leg strap webbing and upper end of leg pad to un–mate the Velcro. Slide pad so the end is positioned near the leg strap hardware and re–mate Velcro. The pads will now be held in proper adjustment for the next wearing.

The final adjustments should be comfortable but snug and is determined by a compromise of the sitting and standing positions. Tuck leg strap ends into leg pad cushion and/or stow in keeper. Stow chest strap.

Care and Life of the Parachute

Parachutes are simultaneously very rugged and quite delicate. They are life saving pieces of equipment and should be treated with care. Parachutes are made of nylon, a very strong and durable material, but even nylon has enemies. Most acids will destroy nylon and ultra-violet light from the sun weakens nylon over time. This is a surface effect so the thicker materials (webbing or pack fabric) are not as seriously affected, but canopy cloth is very vulnerable. If your National Parachute is opened, avoid continued exposure to direct sunlight. Grease and oil may not damage the nylon but can stick the canopy fabric together, preventing it from functioning properly. Excessive moisture should be avoided; if the canopy becomes wet or damp, it should be aired to dry before repacking. For extended storage we recommend an environment with controlled humidity and temperature; unpack the parachute and place pilot chute and canopy loosely in a suitable bag, place the harness/container in a separate bag to keep Velcro hook away from the canopy fabric. To place parachute back in service, contact your local rigger or return to NATIONAL for inspection and repack. When your National Parachute is in the aircraft, care must be exercised to insure that it is not damaged. Be sure that it does not come in contact with any sharp metal surfaces or other objects which might cut or snag it. All metal edges, exposed nuts and bolts, etc. should be taped or covered to prevent wear on the parachute container. Be sure that the parachute does not come in contact with water, oils, acids, grease or dirt. When in doubt consult your nearest parachute rigger, parachute loft or the manufacturer.

Operating Instructions

Prior to each flight you should check / inspect:
• Ripcord handle secure in pocket, both pins properly seated in closing loops.
• Ripcord housing for damage and end tacking secure.
• All harness webbing and hardware for proper functioning and / or damage.
• Packing data card to be sure that the parachute is “in date.”

The National Emergency Parachute is manually activated by pulling the ripcord. We recommend having the ripcord handle in sight or in hand when exiting the aircraft.

The ripcord handle is to be firmly gripped, typically with the right hand (the left hand or both hands may be used if necessary). After the handle is removed from the pocket, there is approximately 2″ of slack in the ripcord cable to be removed before the pins are pulled. The ripcord is pulled to full arms length with a down–ward stroke for back and chair parachutes and an up–ward stroke for seat parachute.

The parachute will normally open fully within 3 seconds of activation. If an emergency arises carry out the following steps:

• Check altitude above ground level.
° For bailout below 3,000′ AGL, clear the aircraft and pull ripcord immediately.
° For bailout from 3,000–10,000′ AGL, clear aircraft, delay ripcord pull for 5 seconds.
° For bailout above 10,000′ AGL, delay to lower altitude before pulling ripcord.
• Clear aircraft and pull ripcord.
• Reach up and grasp the rear risers, pull one down to observe turn speed.

About National

National Parachute Industries started in 1976 selling sport parachute gear. In 1980 they began development of emergency parachutes, beginning with the Back model. In 1985 a full line of Back, Seat and Chair parachute models were completed. Each parachute is fully steerable with a choice of three canopy sizes based on pilot weight.

National Parachutes were developed with the pilot in mind. Their high quality parachutes do not have unnecessary hardware or pack–stiffening plates to maintain their shape. Efficient engineering goes into all models right from the start. National Parachutes feel and work great and will continue to for years!

National set out to design and successfully market a parachute to meet customer demands & requirements in the following areas:
• Small volume
• Light weight
• Comfortable
• Competitive Price
• Meet TSO Requirements

With the above parameters in mind, they developed the National line of emergency parachutes. In 30+ years of manufacturing they produced over 15,500 emergency parachutes, earning numerous letters of appreciation for saved lives.


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