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DG-303Sale Price: 39,500.00 USD
Make:DG FlugzeugbauInterior:
Total Time: 160 Renewed:Jan-04-2019

DG303 ELAN ACRO (STANDARD CLASS) SN. 3E 499 A36 YEAR 2001 Winglets, Wing tips for acrobatic, Glider reinforcements for Acro version +7 -5, Blowings turbolators on wings with fin water ballast tank and with water ballast bags in wings 190lt., Automatic hook-ups for all controls, Adapter for prantl-m-tube in vertical stabilizer, Retractable undercarriage, Pick up for oxygen bottle, Scrot Safety belts with turn buckle, Slide window with direct ventilation, Tail wheel, Service set, Canopy cover, Registration nr., Competition nr. SG on wing and tail, Radio antenna installed in vertical tail, C.G. tow hook, Adjustable rudder pedals, Tail dolly with pneumatic tire, Seat cushions, Winter pneumatic instruments and Airpath compass, Radio Becker AR4201, Seat Cushion for thin parachute, Parachute, Filser LX5000 FAI 10.0 with remote control, Seeyou, ELT ACK E 01, Chronograph Thommen DC20.14.1.aa 14V, Solar panels (3) mounted on fuselage, 2x battery 12V-12 Ah on board, 1x battery 12V-7,2Ah on bo
Certificate Type:   Experimental
Location:  NV,USA
Region:  North America
Avionics & Instruments
Flarm:  No
Full Covers:  No
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