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Glider Canopies and Aircraft Windows

One of the fascinating qualities of flying is the clear, stunning views you get from soaring among the clouds. Glider canopies and aircraft windshields should be crystal clear and free of defects. Wings & Wheels offers replacement canopies and aircraft windows for nearly all types of aircraft.

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The canopy is an important part of the “airworthiness” and “performance” characteristics of the sailplane. Is also a significant part of the comfort, safety and COST of the sailplane. Canopies are; a relatively delicate item – very easy to damage, mostly difficult to repair – particularly the optical qualities of the canopy. A damaged canopy may be reason to “ground” the glider.

Here are a few do's and dont's in respect of canopy care:

• Providing a specific Chamois for cleaning canopies only.
• Always using fresh, clean water to wash a canopy.
• Selecting and providing suitable cleaners and polishes for canopies. NEVER use a harsh, abrasive cleaner. Wings & Wheels recommends Plexus® Canopy Cleaner and LP Aero Acrylic Polish.
• Encouraging pilots, passengers, crew etc. from actually touching the canopy – other than by the handles provided.
• Always use a Canopy Cover (preferably one which blocks UV) when the sailplane is parked, particularly out of the hangar/in the sun. The Canopy cover also protects the Safety Harnesses, Instruments, Placards, etc. Wings & Wheels recommends: Our Canopy Cap or IMI Canopy Cap.
• Have a mattress (or similar) to lay the canopy on when it off the sailplane for maintenance, inspection, etc.
• Encourage Pilots to NEVER leave the sailplane with the canopy open or unlatched – it can easily be blown open / closed – which generally results in major damage).
• Don’t drag a sailplane around on the tow–out gear with the canopy unlocked. Warn Pilots etc to be very wary if a Chamois or Canopy Cover is dropped on the ground – it may pick up stones – which subsequently scratch / damage the canopy.
• Be very watchful of pilots and passengers wearing hats with Pins, badges etc affixed – these can unwittingly scratch the canopy.
• Yaw strings should be regularly maintained and replaced when required. Wings & Wheels recommends MK IV Yaw String. Source:

Canopies Available

Acro Sport Glasair Peregine (USA)
Aero Commander Gulfstream PIK 20
Aeronca Hornet Piper
Air Tractor Jantar Phoebus
American General Ka 2 / Ka 2b / Ka 7 PW 6
ASH 20 Ka 6 Rockwell
ASK13 Ka 6CR Schleicher ASH 30
ASK18 Ka 6E Schleicher K7 K13
ASW 19/20 K8 Schweizer
ASW 28 Kitfox Stinson
Avipro Aircraft L 13 Blanik Swift
Beechcraft LAK17a Taylorcraft
Bellanca LO 100 Tiger Aircraft
Britten–Norman LS 1 Vans Aircraft
Cessna LS 3–10 Ventus A
Club Libelle 205 Maule Ventux 2c
DG 100–400 Mooney VulcanAir
DG 600–800 Mosquitto Yak
DG 1000 Navion Zugvogel III
Duo Discus Pegasus

Many, many, many more canopy and windshield types available!
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Canopy Replacement

Canopy Replacement

Canopy Replacement

Canopy Replacement