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IMI Trailer Drawer
IMI Trailer Drawer IMI Trailer Drawer IMI Trailer Drawer IMI Trailer Drawer

IMI Trailer Drawer

Sale Price: $979.00

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Detailed Description

IMI Trailer Drawer

IMI Trailer Drawer

IMI Trailer Drawer

IMI Trailer Drawer for storing equipment is available now as retrofit kit for all modern or older sailplane trailers. One man rigging system, Tow bar, Wing supports or other equipment can be stored and transported in the lockable splash-water and dustproof drawer which is attached behind the axle of the trailer close to the center of gravity. The drawer improves significantly the storing possibilities of every trailer.

The drawer is bolted to the trailer by solid and robust aluminium frame with solid double ball-bearing telescopic rails. The fiberglass drawer itself is completelly sealed by Pirelli rubber profiles against moisture, splashwater and dust. The drawer comes almost completelly out the telescopic rails while opened (75cm move), what makes loading and unloading of stored equipment very easy. The drawer with frame is bolted to the bottom of the trailer (sandwich plate/foam botton or profile frame bottom) by 9pcs of M10/70 or M10/90 bolts. Attachment close to the axle of the trailer ensures neglectable change in the center of gravity of the trailer, the up-swept rear edge ensures sufficient clearence of about 15cm above ground (what is similar to clearence of common cars). Maximum weight of stored equipment in the drawer: 32kg, max permitted speed 100km/h.

Each IMI Trailer Drawer comes with:

  • Complete assembled and sealed drawer with aluminium frame and telescopic rails
  • All necessary bolts, washers and nuts for attachment to the trailer, bushings for sandwich bottom (Cobra trailer)
  • Counterplate for lock (incl. blind rivets, to be riveted to the bottom in a proper place)
  • Cartridge of black Mammut glue for sealing the connection drawer frame to bottom of the trailer
  • 2pcs of keys for the lock
  • User manual with installation and maintenance instructions

Technical Data

Internal dimensions Width: 110 cm Depth: 82 cm Height: 20 cm
External dimensions incl. frame Width: 137 cm Depth: 103 cm Height: 22 cm
Weight of the complete kit 26 kg
Max. permitted load 32 kg
Max. permitted speed with drawer 100 kmh

Compatible Trailers:

  • Cobra trailers
  • Anschau Komet trailers
  • Swan trailers
  • most of Pfeiffer, Schroeder and similar trailers


The IMI Trailer Drawer was tested intensivelly installed to the Cobra trailer in different conditions (speed up to 140kmh) and proved to be solid and safe for use. The installation to the trailer and use on the public roads is at own risk of the owner/operator of the trailer and we donĀ“t take any response for potentional damage or injuries caused by use of the device. Use of damaged, unlocked, overloaded or improperly installed drawer could be dangerous. Allways check whether the drawer is locked and not damaged before the drive with the trailer. Do not drive the trailer with damaged or unlockable drawer (contact us in such case or remove the drawer from the aluminium frame).


  • IMI Trailer Drawer Installation Manual IMI Trailer Drawer Installation Manual

  • Drawer fully opened, comes 75cm out on the ball bearing double-telescope rails Drawer with One man rigging system OMRS SN400, Wing support and Tow bar for light gliders inside

    Telescope rails Sealed frame from aluminium profiles

    Sealed frame from aluminium profiles Drawer on 2012 Cobra trailer

    Fits perfectly Pirelli-rubber seal profiles against splash-water, dust and moisture

    The telescope rails have maximum load of 80kg fully extended, the maximum permitted weight of stored equipment limited to 32kg from safety reasons. Ready to ship

    Installed at older 1988 Cobra trailer Installed at older 1988 Cobra trailer

    Installed at older 1988 Cobra trailer Ready for installation

    Installation to older Anschau Comet trailer Ball bearing double telescopes

    Installation to older Anschau Comet trailer Installation to older Anschau Comet trailer


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