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Canopy Cap
Canopy Cap - Single Seat Canopy Cap - Two Seat - Two Pieces - Sun Shield Canopy Cap - Two Seat - Two Pieces Canopy Cap Canopy Cap - Two Seat - One Piece Canopy Cap - Two Seat - Two Pieces

Canopy Cap

Sale Price: $109.00

SKU: 2089

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Detailed Description

Franklin Fabrication Canopy Cap

General Description

Franklin Fabrication Canopy Cap is designed to be a light weight, compact, reflective shade for use when rigging and while waiting on the grid. The simple design allows easy access and your cockpit is always shaded and cool. When you are ready for take off, slip the cover off and stow it in the included storage bag, in the glider while you fly. The light weight design is not meant for extended use outdoors. It is not a replacement for a heavyweight, all weather cover. Do not use it while trailering as it won’t allow the canopy to be locked. Price includes storage bag.

Please list as much information about your glider as possible in “Glider Type” section above: Glider Model, Wing Extensions, Winglets, etc.

List of available Canopy Caps

Single Seat
• Antares (Sun Shield option available)
• Apis, Silent
• ASH 26, 31 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• ASW 15
• ASW 19, 20, Pegase (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• ASW 22 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• ASW 24, 27, 28, ASG 29 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• DG 101, 202, 300, 400, 600, 800 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• Diana, Diana 2
• Genesis 2
• HPH 304 C&CZ, Mosquito, Hornet C (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• HPH 304S Shark (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• JS1 Revelation (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• Lak–17, Lak–19 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• Libelle H-201, H-301
• LS1–F, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 10 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• PIK 20
• Pilatus B4
• Schempp–Hirth A – Discus A, Discus 2A, Ventus A, Ventus 2A
• Schempp–Hirth B – Discus, Discus 2, Ventus, Ventus 2, Nimbus 2, Nimbus 3, Mini Nimbus, PIK20, Mini Nimbus, Standard Cirrus
• SZD–55 (Sun Shield Flap option available)
• SZD–483, SZD–59 Acro

Two Seat, One Cover
• Schempp–Hirth Duo Discus, Duo Discus X, Janus C, Nimbus 3D, Nimbus 4D (two place, one large canopy)
• Schempp–Hirth Duo Discus XL, Arcus, Nimbus 4DL (two place, one large canopy)
• Stemme S–10 (two place, one large canopy, Sun Shield standard)

Two Seat, Two Piece Cover
• ASH 25 (two piece set – Sun Shield option available)
• ASK 21 (two piece set – Sun Shield option available)
• DG 500, 505, 1000, 1001 (two piece set)

Please call Wings and Wheels if you do not see your glider on the list.

Canopy Cap

Use above dropdown box for Canopy Cap selections and final price.

Side Hinge Canopy

Canopy Cap Side Hinge Canopy

1. Find the care label near the center seams. This is the FRONT of the canopy cover.

2. Stand on the left side of the glider with the canopy open.

3. Hook the elastic over the front corners of the canopy with the strap underneath the canopy frame.

4. Pull the cover toward the rear, and then hook the elastic over the rear corners of the canopy.

5. Connect the strap to the buckle.

6. Straighten the center seams to align down the center of the canopy and adjust any wrinkles along the sides until smooth.

Front Hinge Canopy

Canopy Cap Front Hinge Canopy

1. Find the care label near the center seam. This is the front of the canopy cover.

2. Place the rear of the cover over the back of your raised canopy and hook the elastic around both rear corners.

3. Pull the cover forward and hook the elastic around the front of the canopy and at both front corners.

4. Straighten the center seam to align down the middle of the canopy and adjust any wrinkles along the sides until smooth.

5. You can now raise and lower your canopy at will during set up and while on the grid. There are no inconvenient straps to get in the way!


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