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Vinyl Contest ID
Vinyl Contest ID Contest letters on tail dolly Contest letters on car contest letters on wing wheel

Contest ID & N Numbers

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Detailed Description

Contest ID & N Numbers

Contest ID and N Numbers

General Description

Sailplanes are required to have a unique Contest ID made of two or three letters / numbers when entering competition. It's typical for not competing sailplanes also to have Contest ID. Typically 12″ characters are used on the vertical stabilizer and 24″ characters are placed under the right wing. See SSA requirements below. Identification is commonly place on trailers, wing wheels, tow bars, rigging systems and cars. We recommend Arial Bold type font for Contest ID's

Arial Bold Contest ID Letters and N Numbers

The FAA has font requirements for “N Numbers”. See below. We print N Numbers with FAA font style.

FAA Style Contest ID Letters and N Numbers

We use only the best materials. Our high gloss premium film is rated for 7 years continuous outdoor use. It is the thinnest on the market at 2 mil. This is an air egress film. If you develop a bubble during installation it will go away in just a few days.

Each letter/number/character is priced individually.

Unless otherwise specified Contest ID's are sold in ALL CAPS ARIAL BOLD type font. N Numbers are sold in FAA type font style.

Colors Available (see bottom of page):

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White

It's best to call in when ordering different sizes. Otherwise, add up the total number of characters and input that number into “Qty” above. Select your size and color in the above dropdown boxes. During STEP 6 of the checkout specify your letter(s) and number(s). It will be under “order comment”.

It is the customers' responsibility to determine installation and suitability. Use a word processor to print your Contest Letters in ARIAL BOLD. Study the width proportion to height ratio. This is a custom order and not returnable. Allow up to two business days to process. Call to verify if you need same day shipment. Wings & Wheels does not install Contest ID's or N Numbers on wing wheels, tail dolly's, wing riggers or tow bars.

Custom font and colors are available. Call for pricing and details.

SSA Contest Rules

6.2 Contest ID

6.2.1 Each entrant must have a unique Contest ID, consisting of up to three characters (letters or digits). If more than one entrant wishes to use a certain ID, preference will be given first to the entrant using an ID officially assigned by the SSA and second to the entrant who first registered for the competition.

6.2.2 The Contest ID shall be displayed in a contrasting color on both sides of the vertical tail (minimum height 12″) and under the right wing (bottom of ID toward the trailing edge of the wing; minimum height is the smaller of 24″ or 90% of the wing chord excluding a control surface).

FAA “N Number” Markings

N–Numbers consist of a series of alphanumeric characters. U.S. registration numbers may not exceed five characters in addition to the standard U.S. registration prefix letter N. These characters may be:

  • One to five numbers (N12345)
  • One to four numbers followed by one letter (N1234Z)
  • One to three numbers followed by two letters (N123AZ)

To avoid confusion with the numbers one and zero, the letters “I” and “O” are not to be used.

Other requirements:

  • Registration numbers N1 through N99 are strictly reserved for FAA internal use.
  • An N–Number may not begin with zero. You must precede the first zero in an N–Number with any number 1 through 9. For example, N01Z is not valid.
  • The FAA no longer issues numbers beginning with NCNXNR, or NL. On some older aircraft, these numbers may be displayed in accordance with FAR Part 45.22

14 CFR 45.25 Location of marks on fixed–wing aircraft.

(a) The operator of a fixed–wing aircraft must display the required marks on either the vertical tail surfaces or the sides of the fuselage, except as provided in § 45.29(f).

(b) The marks required by paragraph (a) of this section must be displayed as follows:

 (1) If displayed on the vertical tail surfaces, horizontally on both surfaces, horizontally on both surfaces of a single vertical tail or on the outer surfaces of a multi–vertical tail. However, on aircraft on which marks at least 3″ high may be displayed in accordance with § 45.29(b)(1), the marks may be displayed vertically on the vertical tail surfaces.

 (2) If displayed on the fuselage surfaces, horizontally on both sides of the fuselage between the trailing edge of the wing and the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer. However, if engine pods or other appurtenances are located in this area and are an integral part of the fuselage side surfaces, the operator may place the marks on those pods or appurtenances.

14 CFR 45.29 – Size of marks.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section, each operator of an aircraft must display marks on the aircraft meeting the size requirements of this section.

(b)Height. Except as provided in paragraph (h) of this part, the nationality and registration marks must be of equal height and on –

(1) Fixed–wing aircraft, must be at least 12″ high, except that:

 (i) An aircraft displaying marks at least 2″ high before November 1, 1981 and an aircraft manufactured after November 2, 1981, but before January 1, 1983, may display those marks until the aircraft is repainted or the marks are repainted, restored, or changed;

 (ii) Marks at least 3″ high may be displayed on a glider;

 (iii) Marks at least 3″ high may be displayed on an aircraft for which the FAA has issued an experimental certificate under § 21.191 (d), § 21.191 (g), or § 21.191 (i) of this chapter to operate as an exhibition aircraft, an amateur–built aircraft, or a light–sport aircraft when the maximum cruising speed of the aircraft does not exceed 180 knots CAS; and

 (iv) Marks may be displayed on an exhibition, antique, or other aircraft in accordance with § 45.22

(2) Airships, spherical balloons, non–spherical balloons, powered parachutes, and weight–shift–control aircraft must be at least 3″ high; and

(3) Rotorcraft, must be at least 12″ high, except that rotorcraft displaying before April 18, 1983, marks required by § 45.29(b)(3) in effect on April 17, 1983, and rotorcraft manufactured on or after April 18, 1983, but before December 31, 1983, may display those marks until the aircraft is repainted or the marks are repainted, restored, or changed.

(c)Width. Characters must be two–thirds as wide as they are high, except the number “1”, which must be one–sixth as wide as it is high, and the letters “M” and “W” which may be as wide as they are high.

(d)Thickness. Characters must be formed by solid lines one–sixth as thick as the character is high.

(e)Spacing. The space between each character may not be less than one–fourth of the character width.

(f) If either one of the surfaces authorized for displaying required marks under § 45.25 is large enough for display of marks meeting the size requirements of this section and the other is not, full size marks must be placed on the larger surface. If neither surface is large enough for full–size marks, marks as large as practicable must be displayed on the larger of the two surfaces. If no surface authorized to be marked by § 45.27 is large enough for full–size marks, marks as large as practicable must be placed on the largest of the authorized surfaces. However, powered parachutes and weight–shift–control aircraft must display marks at least 3″ high.

(g)Uniformity. The marks required by this part for fixed–wing aircraft must have the same height, width, thickness, and spacing on both sides of the aircraft.

(h) After March 7, 1988, each operator of an aircraft penetrating an ADIZ or DEWIZ must display on that aircraft temporary or permanent nationality and registration marks at least 12″ high.

Use above dropdown box for Contest ID & N Number selections and final price.


Step 1

Clean the surface. If applying on gelcoat clean with Wx Seal or similar. For plastic or glass use an all purpose cleaner or window cleaner. Do not apply when the temperature is less than 60° or over 90°.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step One

Step 2

Make a Hinge. Apply a line of tape along the top of the decal. Half of the tape goes on the translucent paper and the other half will be stuck to the surface in Step 3.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step Two Contest ID and N Numbers Step Two B

Step 3

Place. Carefully line up and place your decal on the surface. It's easier on large decals to Skip step 2 and place two small pieces of tape on each upper corner then stick to the surface. This way if it's not lined up perfect you can easily remove it. Once satisfied with the position then take a long piece of tape along the top to serve as a hinge.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step Three

Step 4

Remove Backing. Flip the decal over on the hinge and carefully peal off the backing. Your decal will be left in the translucent paper. Be careful not to let the adhesive on the decal to touch the surface at this point.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step Five

Step 5

Apply Decal. Carefully apply pressure and work from the hinge top to the bottom. Using a squeegee is best. Squeegee at a 45 degree angle with overlapping, firm strokes. Now give it a few minutes for the adhesive to grab hold.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step Five Contest ID and N Numbers Step Five B"

Step 6

Remove Translucent Paper. Carefully pull upwards to remove the translucent tape.

Contest ID and N Numbers Step Six Contest ID and N Numbers Step Six B

Colors shown on your screen will vary sightly from monitor to monitor. They may not reflect the exact vinyl color.

Blue Vinyl Grey Vinyl Red Vinyl

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