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LXNAV S7 Variometer
LXNAV S7 Variometer LXNAV S7 Variometer LXNAV S7 Variometer

LXNAV S7 Variometer

Sale Price: $1,100.00

SKU: 5591


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Detailed Description



The LXNAV S7 is a standalone digital speed-to-fly variometer and final glide calculator with GPS input and PDA/PNA input/output Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor allows fast response and very accurate vertical speed indication A two-inch 320x240 sunshine readable screen displays user adjustable parameters An integrated rotary switch with push button is used to setup all the parameters Integrated g-meter Flarm clock screen with acoustic warning (when connected to Flarm device) Integrated logbook A second indicator with rotary switch and push button can be connected to S7 for double-seated aircrafts  Audio Equalizer for better vario sound performance  Multilangusge graphic user interface (10 languages)  Integrated Voice module  Thermal assistant  Inertial assisted vario  PCAS/ADSB warnings

Main Features

  • Extremely bright 2” (5 cm) color display - readable in all sunlight conditions with adjustable backlight
  • Rotary switch with push button is used to setup all the parameters
  • GPS input with two-way communication in standard IGC form (RJ11 connector)
  • PDA input with two-way communication and 5V power supply for PDA(RJ45 connector)
  • Integrated g-meter
  • 100Hz sampling rate for very fast response
  • TE compensation can be selected to use either pneumatic TE probe or electronic compensation
  • Pre-loaded polar database for almost all gliders
  • Multi language user interface (10 languages: English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish)
  • Thermal assistant
  • Built in Voice module
  • Digital Equalizer for better vario sound performance
  • Integrated logbook
  • Flarm clock screen with acoustic warning when connected to FLARM device
  • Much additional information can be displayed - such as average, thermal vario, netto, time, speed…
  • Many custom audio settings
  • Speed to fly indication
  • Several useful variometer readings can all be displayed on the same vario scale: Instantaneous Vario (outer red pointer), Average Vario (red diamond), MacCready Setting (Blue arrowhead), Thermal Average (Green “T”) making it easy to compare the achieved average and thermal climb rates with the MacCready setting.
  • Configurable serial interfaces for GPS and PDA up to 1Mbit
  • Direct communication between PDA nad Flight recorder (for flight declaration)
  • Supports Flarm unit by latest flarm specification 6.0 


  • ARM processor
  • Mechanical needle driven by stepper motor
  • QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display
  • Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed
  • 3 axis digital +-6g accelerometer 
  • Smooth audio output

Color display

  • 16 bit color display
  • 2” (5cm) screen
  • 320 by 240 pixel resolution

Input and output

  • GPS port input/output on RS232 level (standard IGC 6 pin connector RJ11)
  • PDA port input/output on RS232 or TTL level for PDA/PNA devices with 5V power supply (8 pin RJ 45, 5V output max 2A)
  • audio output
  • 1Mbit CANbus for connection to S7D repeater
  • Speed command and Vario priority input
  • Flarm warning indication
  • Rotary knob with push function

Power supply

  • Power input 10-16 V DC
  • Consumption of LXNAV S7 at 12 V:
  • 120 mA - minimum brightness without audio.
  • 180 mA - maximum brightness without audio.
  • Consumption of LXNAV S7D at 12 V:
  • 90mA - maximum brightness

Size and weight

  • Standard 57mm (21") hole
  • 61mm x 61mm x 95mm (exclusive connector)
  • Weight: ~330g

Optional accessories

  • LXNAV S7D rear seat device
  • LXNAV Nano
  • Oudie
  • Bluetooth
  • Nano

  • Documents

  • S7 user ManualS7 user Manua

  • S7











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